Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with R

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Rainey, Charlene Mildred
Rainey, James Louis
Ralston, Prevo
Ralston, Rose Ella
Ramage, Jessica Lee
Ramage, Patrick
Rapp, Ada E.
Reckel, Julia
Redmond, Juanita
Reed, Maude Mae
Reese, Charles L.
Reese, Elsie E.
Reese, William
Reeves, Danielle Lee
Reeves, Leroy
Reichart, Ronee Leigh
Reilly, H. G.
Reinhardt, Reuben Rosco
Reinhardt, Thelma Irene
Reuter, Donna J.
Reuter, Francis L.
Reuter, Frank L.
Reuter, Henry
Reuter, Joyce E.
Reuter, Judith E.
Reuter, Linda Kay
Reynolds, Carolyn Sue
Reynolds, Cecil
Reynolds, Frances(Ralston)
Reynolds, Rachael Welmete
Ribble, Howard Arthur
Richards, Betty
Richards, Sarah
Riggle, Barbara Joy
Riggle, Catherine Anne
Riggle, Charles John
Riggle, Courtney Lynn
Riggle, Daniel Thomas
Riggle, Diane Marie
Riggle, Elizabeth Anne
Riggle, James Daniel
Riggle, James Louis
Riggle, John Richard
Riggle, Lacy Ann
Riggle, Lisa Jean
Riggle, Rachel Lee
Riggle, Richard James
Riggle, Rudolph Otto
Riggle, Thomas Charles
Roark, Cathy
Robbins, Angie K.
Robertson, *James*
Robertson, Ann Catherine
Robertson, Barbara Ann
Robertson, Boyd Lawrence
Robertson, Charles H.
Robertson, Florence Goldie
Robertson, Gordon Marion
Robertson, Harriet Blanche
Robertson, Isabel Catherine(Belle)
Robertson, James Burke
Robertson, James David
Robertson, James Richard
Robertson, John W
Robertson, John Wheeler
Robertson, Lois Aurelia
Robertson, Marian Fay
Robertson, Martha
Robertson, Mary
Robertson, Nancy
Robertson, Orpha Marguerite(Maggie)
Robertson, Samuel
Robertson, Samuel
Robertson, Samuel
Robertson, Sharon Elizabeth
Robertson, Stanley James
Robertson, Thomas Marion
Robertson, Thomas Wheeler
Robertson, William Edward
Roell, Frances Philomena
Roell, Henry
Rogers, Angele Renee
Rogers, Holly Kay
Rogers, Lige Thomas
Rogers, Robert
Rogers, Roy Thomas
Rohrer, Martha Ann
Rooney, Kathleen Marie
Rooney, Michael James
Rooney, Michael James Jr
Rooney, Patrick Martin
Root, Aileen Jocelyn
Root, Barbara ann
Root, Larissa
Root, Lindsay Francis
Root, Loren Francis
Root, Norman Francis
Root, Richard Gordon
Root, Susan Colleen
Rose, George
Rose, Jennifer
Rouse, Oral Oletha
Ruckman, David
Ruckman, Jeremay
Ruckman, Vanessa Paige(Graham)
Rudd, Ralph V.
Ruhlman, Josephine
Russel, Annette
Russel, Robert Emmet
Russo, Joshua Gueks
Rutherford, Mildred